Taco on Podcast & BUY MY STUFF

As mentioned on Dec.3, I joined @RobRFF and @theNico1234 on Reality TV Podcast where we discussed the upcoming finale of The Amazing Race and the newest episode of Survivor.

Some TAR notes:

  • Driving is one of the few ways teams can control their own destiny in terms of transportation on the race and to not put enough stock in its importance is idiotic.
  • Trey TOLD Lexi to ‘RUN INTO the guy‘ repeatedly and then after she cut her finger proceeds to say ‘You ran right into him!!’

Some Survivor notes:

  • Carter is probably the least charismatic person in Survivor history and if everything plays out for the remaining alliance his grand gesture will be returned with a trip to Pondarosa.
  • Malcolm stated that he plans to take ‘the absent minded’ Skupin and the ‘feeble minded/easily persuaded’ Lisa. So he does eventually plan on taking Denise out at some point – is she oblivious to this possibility?

You can check out all the wackiness here!

I also made two new shirts for my Redbubble store! Both shirts were made to rep the best team on The Amazing Race 21 – Nadiya and Natalie. They have made this season entertaining and I wanted to make something to show my support.



N&N Logo

N&N Logo

So… you have the WONDER TWINNIES shirt and the N&N Logo shirt.
Keep in mind this is NOT OFFICIAL MERCH for the duo – I just thought it would be awesome to make something to rep my favourite team!

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