Karaoke Awesomeness!: Pre Birthday with Jason Rolland Karaoke

So for folks who don’t know me I LOOOOOVE Karaoke and try my very best to go out and sing some tunes at least once a month. The best Karaoke DJ in Toronto by far is Jason Rolland. He earns this title not by just his impressive song list, but also his quick wit and banter with the singers. He creates a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

So for my birthday my friends and I hit his debut at his new Karaoke location, Lou Dawgs (King Street). I ended up singing ‘The Sidestep’ by Charles Dunning (from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) and ’25 Miles’ by Edwin Starr (most remembered in Adventures in Babysitting)!

He also ran a Music Trivia event once a month called ‘Trivioke’ – to which teams complete to win the coveted Trivioke belts. I am glad in the fact that I am a two time champion (see photo of most recent championship win) and hope to recapture the belt.

Love my George ‘The Animal’ Steele impression?

For the time being Trivioke is on hiatus, but Jason Rolland is still bringing his awesome brand of Karaoke 3 times a week: Sundays & Mondays at Toby’s and Thursdays at Lou Dawgs (King Street Location). Check it out!

Also checkout his Facebook Page!

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