Josh Smith & The Art Bar Series – Poetry Night: Black History Night

From literary to slam, formal to experimental, read, spoken, and performed, the Art Bar is open to all forms of poetry.

Fellow Viewaskew Street Hockey League player and all around genius, Josh Smiith, is a Poet and a good one at that.  Whenever he performs in my area and I am not in attendance, I kick myself for missing it. Seeing him perform is akin to seeing a master display his craft. I have told him on multiple occasions that his poetry reminds me of wrestling promos.

Wrestling promos, for those who don’t know, are the segments during a wrestling presentation where the wrestler proceeds to go into a monologue (sometimes a dialogue, if necessary) to progress the wrestling storyline (or angle, if you will) and promote an upcoming confrontation.

(bare with me, I know the previous was a run on sentence)

It can be delivered a multitude of ways – but its effectiveness is based on how well the wrestling audience getting emotionally invested in the storyline.  Here are some examples:

Anyways, do yourself a favour and check out some of his performances at his youtube channel here and check out his website for upcoming gigs in your area!


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