Recycle Post: 30 Day Song Challenge Day 9

Day 09 – A Song That You Can Dance To

This one needs an explanation as I am a big ParaPara fan and most folks don’t really know what that means.

Para Para is a synchronised group dance that originated in Japan. Unlike most club dancing and rave dancing, there are specific, preset movements for each song, and everyone does the same moves at once, much like line dancing.

I got into Para Para years ago at a Canadian anime convention called Anime North. There, they had a Introduction to Para Para panel which I just happened to wonder into. There we learned two dances, Boom Boom Fire (which is the video of the day) and ToraToraTora. There is actually video somewhere in a television network’s archive of me dancing those two songs as a broadcast was made from the panel and featured the performance.

As to why I like Para Para? Its fun and energetic and easy to learn – all it takes is a little patience. Plus when you see a large group of paralists, it looks fantastic. I am a little out of practice, I do perform it a little different then how it is presented above. The Paralist decided not to lift their leg during a couple of key points (in this video they actually do it), but other than that her form is something I cannot achieve currently. Enjoy!

*PS – if you are interested in Para Para send me a message or a tweet!


2 thoughts on “Recycle Post: 30 Day Song Challenge Day 9

  1. I never knew the syncronised dancing had a name.. thanks, I will look this up.
    so heavy rotation [AKB48] would be an example in a way right?

    • Although many of the motions are the same, AK48 wohldn’t technically be considered ParaPara due to the kicks. ParaPara is traditionally a dance where there is little to no leg movement outside of the side to side motion and the occasional pause. BoomBoomFire is one of the exceptions, but you only really lift your leg and the emphasis is with your hands.

      Now I could be totally wrong because my knowledge is only based on what I was taught (from Westernerd) and read.

      I did like the song though! Will be added to my iPod, thanks! ^_^!

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