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Revenge & Survivor Logos


Was pleased with the pilot. It established the characters extremely well and introduced the premise. Acting and writing were done well and I am looking forward to follow the series. Although I do have to question the end game. It is a good concept, but if it gets drawn out it won’t have a satisfying ending. I don’t want Amanda to be 40 and still plotting.



Season 8 – episode 1, Rewatching allstars and really enjoyed how the dynamics and game has changed in comparison to the current game. Although there are some issues, the fact that nowadays people are afraid of making big moves.

Season 8 – Episode 2-3; What I hate and what I love about Survivor. Richard Hatch is in complete control of the dynamics of his tribe Hatch is such a great and entertaining character. Now for what I hate… Jenna M’s dramatic departure. I feel for her, but I agree with the tribemates who (nicely) called her out for not having her priorities straight. If your mom is dying – don’t leave her side. If you do, understand that things can happen. But to take away an opportunity from another person and then turn around and quit. It to me is stupid. I can understand folks who are first timers not realizing how hard, but she did 39 days but still wasn’t emotionally prepared this time around. I remember watching this episode and being mad back then too.


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