Mid Week Media Consumption

What Media Has Been On My Mind

How I Met Your Mother – Great episode with Marshal at his father’s gravesite dealing the events of the gang’s New Year’s Eve.
2 Broke Girls – Caroline learns about coupons and how extreme it can get.
WWE RAW – Jericho returns in what could be one of the most brilliant instant heel turns.

Back To The Future 

I have been playing Marvel Pinball, NBA 2K12 and Back To The Future: The Game. Back To The Future: The Game has just become available for free for Playstation Plus subscribers. So if you are a member, check it out!


Jamie Cullum – High and Dry Live Performance

On May 26 2004 my sister took me to see what would become one of the best concerts and musical experiences I have had in my life. At the last moment she was left with an extra ticket because a friend become busy and I begrudgingly stepped in to attend with her. $20 ticket transported me to an amazing wonderland as Jamie Cullum, and his opening act, Gabriel Mann; had me begging my sister to pitch in so we could buy their CDs.

Jamie Cullum is a jazz/pop musician from England and probably is best known his recently Oscar nominated song Gran Torino.

Even back in 2004, most folks had stop purchasing their music. MP3s were already the norm and the iTunes store was just 1-year-old. But there we were counting our pennies that were reserved for beverages to ensure we had a piece of the experience to take home.

One of the musical high points was Jamie Cullum’s performance of ‘High and Dry’, a Radiohead cover. The original and other covers are fine but every time I hear someone singing the lyrics I wish Jamie Cullum would take over and finish. The whole crowd singing was EXACTLY like it was in 2004 and how awesome it sounds really isn’t fully captured on the video. If you ever get the chance, check his work and a live performance out.


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